Use Pinterest to Amplify Your Instagram Posts

Did you know you can use Pinterest to Amplify Your Instagram Posts?

In just under two months, the monthly views on the FrenchieCute Pinterest page have increased from zero to over 64k — that’s a lot of people viewing and pinning photos of French Bulldogs!

What does it mean for the French Bulldog accounts on Instagram? Well, your photos are probably already being shared without attribution to your Instagram account, but you can change that by claiming your account.

Get Attribution On Your Pins

The first step is claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest so you will get attribution on any pins that originate from Instagram.

Once you claim your Instagram account on Pinterest, if you have any existing Pins that match your claimed account, those pins will be attributed to you. It may take a couple of days for this to happen.

Then, any pins created from your Instagram account in the future will also be attributed to you. It boils down to if you or anyone else creates a pin using content from your claimed Instagram account, your profile picture and a new follow button will appear on that pin.

If you want insight on how your pins perform on Pinterest, claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest will give you access to analytics.

Grab More Traffic from Pinterest

Better analytics and attribution on your Instagram posts are both great reasons for using Pinterest, but by claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest you can benefit from more traffic.

By claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest and getting attribution on any pins that originate from your Instagram account, you are likely to get more monthly viewers to your Pinterest profile, which can result in click-throughs to your Instagram content.

The nature of Instagram is that posts have a short lifespan, but by claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest and pinning your Instagram posts, you can drive more traffic and engagement to your Instagram content over a longer period of time.

A photo of your French Bulldog on Instagram can be pinned to your boards and then saved to others’ boards, which spreads it across Pinterest and more people will see it and click-through to your Instagram account possibly resulting in more followers and engagement on Instagram.

Strategy for Maximizing Pinterest Use 

It’s important to remember that Pinterest is a long-term strategy and it can take months for Pinterest to generate traction and traffic to your Instagram account.

Pinterest likes new content and consistent use so you might post to Instagram and then go to Pinterest and create a new pin from your recently posted image.

If you’re into scheduling posts for a later date, Pinterest allows you to schedule pins up to 21 days in advance. This is also a good option if you pin once live and then schedule an older Instagram photo, you can feed Pinterest more content consistently.

Or you can use an Instagram and Pinterest partner like Tailwind to plan, schedule and post content for you.

With just a few extra steps in the beginning, you can start using Pinterest to Amplify Your Instagram Posts.

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