How To Tell If a Brand Offer is Legit?

How to tell if a brand offer is legitimate?

You have been plugging away at your pet’s Instagram account and gaining a solid following when you start to get comments and DMs from brands. How do you know if the pet brand offers are legit?

Look at their Instagram account

  • Is this a brand you know and use?
  • Do they have a website?
  • If you’re not already a customer, would you feel comfortable being associated with this brand and promoting them to your audience?
  • Where do they ship products from and/or how does it take to reach where you live? This is important because many companies on Instagram dropship, which can take 7-21 days to arrive.
  • Does this brand expect you to convert sales for them?

I think it is a Bot

If a brand leaves a comment on your post asking you to DM them:

  • Chances are it’s a bot leaving this same comment on hundreds of accounts
  • These brands often want you to buy something at discount to post about it so they can profit.
  • Do you want to pay to work for a brand?!

If a brand DMs you an offer

  • Ask them to EMAIL you their business proposal and budget for working with influencers. If a brand does not take the step to email you this, it might be a sign they will be difficult to work with
  • Via email you want to find out what they want from you (post, Story, link in bio, Swipe up, IGTV, etc), what they will give you in exchange (money, product, both, discount, etc), and the deadline to post.
  • Create a contract – don’t let this scare you! It is a document that outlines the above mentioned that both parties agree to. You’ll appreciate having this in case something doesn’t go according to plan.

Know Your Worth

If you want to work for brands for free, that is certainly your business plan.

For more information on how to position yourself to work with brands and get paid, click the button read the post about how to work with brands.  

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