How to Get Featured on Instagram

Are you curious about how to get featured on Instagram, specifically Frenchiecute?

If you read this article about Instagram Engagement, you know there are over 4000 active french bulldog accounts – the competition is fierce!

Frenchiecute is about building a community of French Bulldogs on Instagram who want to support others – we believe in abundance and that it is possible for all of us to rise together.

Follow Frenchiecute and engage under hashtag #frenchiecute – you do something for the community and it will do something for you.


Instagram is social media, get social. Appreciate the followers you have today, nurture them, show that you’re interested in them. More will see your interest and want to be a part of it. Give to your community and it will flow back to you.

Instagram DON’Ts

  • If you don’t follow an account, do not ask them to do something for you – like, comment, save, etc
  • Don’t leave comments on others photos asking for likes to your photos
  • Don’t send direct messages (DM) asking for engagement on your photos
  • Don’t send your posts via DM

All these are good ways to alienate others and risk getting reported for spam or blocked.

Instagram DOs

  • Do find feature accounts for your breed and follow their suggestions for features – might be using a hashtag and/or tagging them
  • Do engage on the posts of these feature accounts
  • Do share a photo from the account if you see something you like – be genuine – be sure to include the feature account as well as the account of the pet
  • Know your breed hashtags and which ones are in the sweet spot of under 500k so you can stand out

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