Best Harnesses for French Bulldogs

When it comes to outfitting your French Bulldog there is no shortage of harnesses with cute and colorful prints from companies around the world.

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fashionable harnesses fr french bulldogs

1. Frenchie Bulldog Pet Supply (US)

French Bulldog Pet Supply one of the original reversible harness companies with matching leashes and strap harnesses to make a complete package. They also offer hoodies and cooling bandannas.

Frenchie Bulldog Pet Supply reversible harnesses

2. Frenchiestore (US)

Frenchiestore provides health conscious products inspired by their frenchie with reversible harnesses, matching leads and strap harnesses.


frenchiestore.net harness and leads

3. Pawmigo (US)

Pawmigo created reversible harnesses based on daily themes like Taco Tuesday and Fri-yay and makes donations to French Bulldog Rescue Network.


pawmigo harnesses based in California

4. Oui Oui Frenchie (US)

Oui Oui Frenchie started when they wanted to find fun, playful, quality products for dogs and dog parents in one place. Their in-house design team creates head turning harnesses which are ideal for French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Pugs. They also sell bandanas and leashes as well as harness and leash combo sets.

Oui Oui Frenchie harnesses

5. Pawsitivity (US)

Pawsitivity offers custom printed Neoprene and silver hardware harnesses. $1 of every Pawsitivity sale goes to a Boston animal shelter

spread pawsitivity

6. Big and Little Dogs (Australia)

Big and Little Dogs offers reversible harnesses, in additional strap, hoodie and classic print harnesses as well as other accessories like collars and cooling bandanas. You can find some of their stock on Amazon.

Big and Little Dogs french bulldog harness

7. Batpig Co (Canada)

Batpig’s harness offers clasps at the next and torso instead of the slide over neck harness that others offer.


batpig co harness in Canada

8. Hello Furry (Singapore)

Hello Furry is similar to the other shops mentioned offering cute and vibrant designs for harnesses, leashes, bandanas, bow ties and more.

hello furry harness | Singapore

9. Porky Paws (Australia)

Porky Paws has quite a few reversible harness designs and like many of the companies it is the result of not finding colorful dog products in their area.

Porky Paws harnesses in Australia

10. Frenchy and Friends (Germany)

Frenchy and Friends is the result of wanting cute harnesses for their dogs and not having as many options in Europe.

Frenchy and Friends German-based harnesses

11. Park Lane Pup (UK)

Park Lane Pup Reversible harnesses are interchangeable between two unique printed sides and they have matching leads for an additional price.


12. Electric Pup (UK)

After bringing home dog accessories from around the world, the owners of Electric Pup decided to create their own line of reversible harnesses, leashes and more.


Electric Pup harnesses for french bulldogs

13. Beast and Buckle

Beast and Buckle showed up in my Instagram feed for a special of harness + leash for under $30 and free shipping in the US.

beast and buckle harness for french bulldogs, pugs and more

13 of the best harnesses companies for French Bulldogs and small breed dogs.

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